Saturday, September 28, 2013

Forgotten Gems: Profondo Rosso-To Live, And Die, In The UK

Neat Records

True to my word here I am covering this UK act's debut recording. Sure enough I covered their farewell LP first, but that was just a case of dumb blind luck. The line-up on this 11-track release remains the same, but this time around (or really how this 3-piece started off rocking and rolling) the song does not remain the same. Green Day, Nirvana and even Bush (yeah, I was stunned too!) all play a part on this release in addition to (as experienced on their second release) the Sex Pistols and The Clash. Elsewhere there's trips taken to far aways lands where the likes of The Buzzcocks and S.N.F.U. roam free and you can also hear how bands like Jane's Addiction served as early influences. Overall the band's debut-album does feel a bit more "raw" and "free", but it's a very accessible collection of tunes nonetheless. This was an album that I played with my teens around and it everyone seemed to dig it. Now that I have these two albums I plan to hunt down the group's other recordings (one EP for sure).

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