Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gypsy Chief Goliath-New Machines of the Night

Pitch Black Records
Faithful readers (all dozen or so of you) might recall that I just covered these guys back in August of this year. Their "Black Samurai" single grabbed hold of my inner groove thing and shook it about like a hungry dog attacking a juicy steak! That sweet soul sister of a single might have been a tad old, which you can read all about at the link below (should you desire), but it sounded fresh and amazing to my ears. It caused me to look for further material that I might have missed and I stumbled upon another one of their tracks on the compilation "Axis Of The Underground Vol.2 Compilation Album". The song on that comp. was "St. Covens Tavern" and it's included on this, the band's second studio album. Of course you can also find that single on Youtube and the compilation might very well still be floating around online as a digital download. But, why mess with all of that when you could just get the song with the new album? And yes, it is another cool slab of stone cold grooves from this Canadian bunch! How so? Well, the band is lead by vocalist/guitarist Al the Yeti Bones (The Mighty Nimbus, Georgian Skull and Mister Bones) and features not only a three guitar attack, but also rustic harmonica playing courtesy of Brodie Stevenson! Brodie gives the band a different, more blues-based, vibe then the bulk of stoner rock bands who can be seen and heard traveling up and down the dusty back-roads of America. Want more information though about what these guys roll out? Imagine this one folks: On a small dirt road somewhere in the middle of anywhere/nowhere U.S.A. classic rock and classic heavy metal converge at a three way stop with Black Sabbath. After exchanging some pleasantries and sharing a pint or two at the only bar for miles and miles the three set off  some mysterious destination. At the end of their strange and bewildering trip they are confronted by the ghost of Phil Lynott who tells them, or rather commands them!, to morph their talents into the gnarliest rock band ever! Before leaving though Phil posses each and every member of this new super trooper act so that no groove will be left uncovered at the next part of their journey. That my friends and fiends is what Gypsy Chief Goliath (GCG) cooks up on their new album! And what's a main dish like that without some tasty side dishes? One of those tasty side dishes is the previously mention three guitars aspect of GCG. As these guys rock hard it helps matters that they are blessed with the skills of guitarists Dave Ljubanovich and Sean Hamilton. Three guitars makes for three times the fun. But, what happens when you also add Sean De Faria and Adam Saitti (bass and drums respectively) into the equation? The answer is simple folks. You end up with a must-own (and most certainly must-blast) collection of blues-based, rocking good times, stoner tunes that take everything you thought you knew about real, cold sweat and colder beer, rock and roll and gives it a much needed face lift! Rarely has stoner rock and roll ever sounded so alive and ready for the world as it does on "New Machines of the Night"!

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