Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When The Deadbolt Breaks-Drifting Towards The Edge Of The Earth

EarOne Productions

What exactly does happen when the deadbolt breaks? If we're talking about this Connecticut-based band, and more specifically their upcoming, forth full-length release, the answer is sludge-filled doom. Lots and lots of sludge-filled doom. Like a out of control and slowly approaching landslide it eventually breaks down the door and wrecks utter and complete havoc. That's about what it's like to listen to this (strangely) appealing band that has been going about such business since 2005. On their aptly titled new album the band seems to pride itself on unloading drips of doom-drenched despair onto everyone and everything in any way that they can get away with. Such an uncaring approach is the stuff of melancholy dreams for the gloomy Sunday crowd no doubt. While the three musicians involved here do seem as if they could easy laugh at the thought of such unflinching and darkly-coated metallic slime rolling over and destroying the unsuspecting  it's not all doom and despair. Or at least not all the time. Ex-Cable guitarist/vocalist Aaron Lewis and company (bassist/vocalist Mike Parkyn and drummer Rich Kalinowski) do inject a bit of "normality" into the mix by way of classic rock riffs and the unexpected melodic moment or two. It chances the dynamics a fair bit, but even so this one is not for the squeamish! When The Deadbolt Breaks are more about encasing the listener in a solid block of mysterious black goop then taking it easy on anyone who purposely or not stumbles upon their existence! Sure, fans of Sleep and the like might find reason to celebrate a band like this, but what will it do for everyone else?  It's sink or swim friends. Sink or swim. If you dare then track it done. But realize this friends-When The Deadbolt Breaks lives by their name. They are formed from nightmares and are likely the very thing your mother also warned you about. If, and only if, you understand that notion would I suggest plugging into this one.

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