Friday, September 27, 2013

Lord of the Lost-Die Tomorrow (Bonus Track Version)

Out of Line Music

I caught wind of this album while searching my way through some new (or newer if you will) releases. For some reason this release was mixed in with the batch even though it was released back in late August of 2012. Instead of just buying it then and there (or at least as a digital download) I decided it would be best to research the matter a bit more before I just jumped in head-first. Especially as the lone track I heard, which I can't seem to recall now, just didn't sound as if it was telling the whole story. As I looked for more info on the band one source listed this release as metal while another one used the blanket term "alternative". Still others mentioned how this was some sort of "electronic" dark rock. The best one though, as I'd come to acknowledge  later on, was home this band was like a cross between Rammstein and HIM. That seems to be quite correct although in reality, or rather in a really good way, this German group is much different then mere tags could or would suggest. The version I ultimately choose to purchase includes two live cuts as bonus numbers. That is really nice as it helps to show the two different sides of this group from studio band to live band. Lead by vocalist/guitarist/cellist Chris Harms, whose vocals are admittedly just so-so, this is a band that knows how to craft catchy tunes that pull you in and make you want to hear more. The Rammstein and HIM vibes are easy enough to spot as Lord of the Lost does pull in industrial metal and goth rock. Otherwise this is the sound of heavy rock that can drain you emotionally at one point before lifting you back up with their strange and mesmerizing electronic style. As the group does move around quite a bit, splicing together different genres at their own pace and for their own personal enjoyment. pin-pointing a definitive description is damn near impossible. But it's that exact sense of oddity that is so appealing and makes "Die Tomorrow" such a powerfully addictive album. While it's not something that I would have thought I would have enjoyed this much , as I'm not so much about electronic rock and heavy metal, it's albums exactly like this that make for fun discoveries. Often it's these kind of albums that no one would have expected you to embrace, and most certainly you would have never thought that it would suite your style,  that come in and become new obsessions. Such is the case with "Die Tomorrow", an album that I never saw coming and now can't seem to put down!

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