Thursday, September 26, 2013



Montreal, Quebec sure seems as if it's hiding a treasure trove of excellent metal bands. The latest one to emerge is instrumental act Unbeing. This one time self-release was originally issued back in 2011 and now it's seeing a vinyl re-release courteous of  BLK COQ Music. "Progressive" is one way to look at this metal act and it is sold as such. The thing is what's being served here on this self-titled release is more then merely "instrumental progressive metal". For one thing there are numerous tracks here that border on the heaviness of  power metal while other times Unbeing present passages that are overflowing with beautifully strange and intriguing avantgarde rock! So, putting these guys in a tiny box seems utterly unfair. There's much here to enjoy on this 40 minute plus LP and with each new listen you'll pick up things that you can't believe you missed out on. Sometimes dark and sorrowful and other times hopeful and optimistic this is a release which will allow your imagination to run wild all while keeping you grounded with it's hypnotic essence. If all of that wasn't enough it does get even better! These guys are awarded extra points as they pay tribute to the main man himself on the track "Chuck Norris" (oh yeah!). It's a small gesture of appreciation for one of Hollywood's coolest guys and it has helped the band's (so far) only album  earn an extra dose of publicity. While fan's are likely clamoring for new material (this album is two year's old after all) at least this LP re-release should help Unbeing get more word-of-mouth publicity which, in turn, should lead to new material sooner then later. And if and when that happens I'll be on the lookout as this LP, all 40 minutes or so of it, showcases a one of a kind band with loads of potential! 

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