Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Corpse Corrosion Music

Since 2004 Vancouver, British Columbia's Tribune, whose sound is a combination of all things heavy (melodic metal, progressive thrash metal, stoner rock, death metal, modern metal, etc.) have been going at it cranking out their own music that, while it might employee many different styles and sounds, still comes off as fairly original. When I last checked in with the band (2012's "Elder Lore / The Dark Arts") I made the comment that the band seemed as if it had gone through my personal CD and vinyl collection picking out bits of this and pieces of that to custom-assemble (either like a mad scientist or a really bored teenage boy!) their own take on heavy metal. I found the album to be quite effective and powerful so when this latest one dropped in my box I expected either more of the same or, justifiably so, a step up. Before we address that issue it should be noted that the 9-track "Tales" is a concept album "based on the writings of renowned authors, like Lovecraft and Wells". Concept albums to me are neither a good thing or a bad thing as I'm all about the music and how it moves you. Seems legit right? After a year or so of waiting to see what this 5-piece act would pull off with "Tales" it has taken me more then a few spins t get my head around this albums. Having enjoyed Tribune's last full-length album this one didn't really do much for me at first. Sure, it is still heavy and features explosive metal as this band rolls out a concept album with music that recalls everyone from Mastodon to Death. Meanwhile lead vocalist Bryan Baker conveys a lot of emotions and is able to pull off both clean and harsh vocals and, on first listen, this album came of as a really metal beast! But the downside of "Tales" falls within the territory of "too much experimentation and not enough consistency". In an attempt to make "Tales" as varied as possible while still cranking everything all the way up to 11 (oh Spinal Tap how I do love you so much!) the album nearly flies off the tracks! At the rate these Canadian metalheads are throwing everything at you it's like you're stuck on some hastily-assembled carnival ride going nowhere but up in flames. While the ride might start off exciting, even thrilling you and your lovely carnival date, the danger becomes all too real as it strikes you that not as much care was put into this as should be!    
Canada's Tribune sound insane on "Tales" for the first listen. After repeated listens though it was as smooth as previously thought. With that I have to admit that I didn't enjoy "Tales" as much as their previous album. Maybe hardcore fans will be more forgiving, but as for me I think I'll just stick with my copy of 2012's "Elder Lore / The Dark Arts".

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