Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

Welcome to the first ever "Weekly Round-Up". Formerly this would have been called/known as "Current Playlist', but I decided to try something fresh and see where it goes. Man, the past couple of months have been nothing short of crazy and it proved hard to keep at a more consistent pace then I would have preferred to. I was dealing with house-sitting for my parents (and taking care of their "girls"-fourteen egg laying and quite docile hens!) while also contending with the craziness that comes from having two teenagers. Among other things my daughter started high school this year and took up drama. For a few weeks there it was an "every night after school" event and, as I'm flying solo as a single/full-custodial parent here, I was doing a ton of running around! Now though there is a break in the action and my back-up plan for the kids (my wonderful parents) are finally home after two separate/long trips! I'm now able to get more done and I have a ton of material that I want to cover and review! Lately I'm been listening to Mordred's awesome "Fool's Game" (which really needs to be re-released folks!), Terrorvision's "How To Make Friends", Mudhoney's "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge", Anthrax's "Fistful of Metal" and misc. music from Jimi Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones. As far as what I've been watching it's mostly horror flicks ranging from Halloween & Halloween II (the original ones of course!) to Slumber Party Massacre. And finally here's what I hope to cover in the next week or so: Asomvel "Knuckle Duster", Motörhead "Aftershock", Running Death "The Call of Extinction", "Cockneys Vs. Zombies", Tribune "Tales", Revolution Road "Revolution Road" and Nocturnal Graves "...From the Bloodline of Cain". I may even try to do a Forgotten Gem or two (incl. that Mordred release above!). Until this time next week take care and always remember to live life loud and proud!


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