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Interview with Broken Fate's Tobias John Bänteli

Late last month I reviewed Broken Fate's latest EP, 2012's "Rising to the Dream". Now I'd like to present to all of you a brief interview that I had the pleasure of conducting with the group's founder, vocalist and rhythm guitarist Tobias John Bänteli. You can read my review of this Swiss act's EP below (as per usual) and be sure to head over to Broken Fate's Facebook page after you're finished ready this interview and "like them" so that you can keep up with the band and follow the progress of their upcoming release. Enjoy!
Andy-First off I'd like to thank you for taking the time to chat with us. With a new album in the works I'd imagine that things are pretty busy in your camp these days. How is that coming along?

Tobias John Bänteli (Tobi)-We will be recording the new album in April 2014 in the Musicfactory Studio in Kempten (Germany) with Rd Liapakis (Mystic Prophecy).

Andy-Your 2012 EP, "Rising to the Dream", covered a lot of ground style-wise. Can we expect more of the same from your upcoming album? Will there be as much diversity on it as the EP? While I totally dug the track "Fate" it does seem to come from out of left-field  a bit!

Tobi-Yes, we will continue with our style, but will also follow up with a ballade similar to “Fate”.

Andy-You guys have on other LP in your back-catalog besides the EP. What would you say has changed from your debut album to this point? What areas have you grown in and are their areas that you'd like to improve on?
Tobi-We have found our style and sound. For us it is modern Thrash Metal. We are getting better daily as is the quality of our song-writing. I will just have to learn to write songs with a shorter duration.
Tobi taking charge live on stage!

Andy-To my ears Broken Fate, sound-wise, almost comes off as a cross between thrash metal and heavy rock and your past cover song choices (from Metallica to Nickleback) certainly seems to attest to that. Are all four of you guys so open-minded, music-wise, or was that just the main vision of the band and everyone just got on board with it?

Tobi-We will be always be influenced by various bands such as Metallica and Nickelback and at the same time cultivate our own style and bring everything together under the Broken Fate sound.

Andy-Are there any working titles for the new disc that you can share with us?

Tobi-Some titles have already been locked such as “Your Night”, “Freedom”, “Take you away”, “No chance for you”, “Liberate” and “Bridge between”. Additional songs are still in the writing process.

Andy-Besides the new album what does 2014 have in store for Broken Fate?

Tobi-We anticipate that the new album will be released in June 2014. We presently don’t know through which label because we are still on the look-out for label or distributor.

Andy-I'll leave you guys with the last word. Is there anything we didn't cover that you'd like to share?
Tobi-In 2014 our first performances in Slovakia, the Czech Republic , Germany, Italy and France will take place. Towards the end of 2014 we hope to write an EP with the songs that didn’t make it to the album. One of our present main goals is to close a deal with a record company.
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