Thursday, November 07, 2013

Chastain-Surrender To No One

Leviathan Records

It's still kind of early in the morning as I'm typing this, but if my math is correct, "Surrender To No One", which is due for release later this month, should be the ninth full-length studio album from Ohio's own Chastain. It's also the first one since 2004's "In an Outrage". When we last left the band they were fronted by Kate French and, from the few songs I've heard with her as lead singer of Chastain, she was talented in her own way. But she had huge shoes to fill and for many people there was just no way that she was ever going to stack up to the group's original vocalist, Leather Leone. Now though Leather Leone is back on board for the first time since (I believe) 1990's "For Those Who Dare" and, with guitarist David T. Chastain standing right next to her and laying down some fantastic lead solos, all seems right with the world once again! Also returning to the fold is original bassist Mike Skimmerhorn who last played with Chastain on 1988's "The Voice of the Cult". So you have three original members and a new drummer in Stian Kristoffersen (Pagan's Mind, Firewind). Total that up and "Surrender To No One", all 11-tracks of it, marks a return to form for Chastain (the band) and an album that should give fans plenty to get excited about! "Surrender to No One" opens with the title cut and everyone and everything about this album just seems natural. Leather proves that you can go home again. Of course for those of us who had heard her last project (Sledge Leather's "Imagine Me Alive") that much was certain, but together with David Chastain it's like old times again while sounding as if they just picked up where they last left off. Only difference is that Chastain sounds like a band re-born and a group that is re-energized and ready to tackle today's metal scene! "Surrender to No One" is an apt title for the group's newest work as this four-piece sure sounds as if they are not about to just lie down in the face of a new metal scene that seems to have forgotten it's roots and that heavy metal used to be more grand and epic! And speaking of grand and epic, which would always be a great way to describe both the lead singer and lead guitarist of Chastain, this album is both and much more! Not only do Leather Leone and David Chastain sound better then good, but the pair of Mike Skimmerhorn and Stian Kristoffersen add that extra "crunch" to an album that sounds classic and current. This is another prime example of how a band can re-capture it's glory days while still sounding fresh and relevant. All I can say is if your a fan of Chastain then chances are really good that you're going love "Surrender To No One" as it's an album steeped in classic metal while it's also edgy enough so that it can potentially serve as an alternative for today's young metalheads who are force-feed modern, lamestream metal on rock radio. More so I'd wager a buck or two that if you simply identify yourself as a fan of great heavy metal/power metal or, for that matter ladies and gents, killer female-fronted metal then this one should be a no-brainer as well! You can find out more about Chastain at the link below and the album, due to drop around the 19th of November, is available for pre-order at both iTunes and Amazon.

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That is one kick ass, demonic cover. Just awesome.

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