Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Implosion Circle-The Angry And Enraged


I don't know about all of you, but when I think about Switzerland's heavy metal scene it's exactly that, heavy metal, that comes to mind. That's usually followed by flashing images of hard rock and straight-ahead rock and roll. Especially when you take into account all of the new rock n' roll, hard rock and heavy metal bands that seem to be popping up like weeds these days in Switzerland. For some reason though I seem to forget that Switzerland has a thriving thrash metal scene as well. And right there smack dab in the heat of the action is where you'll likely find Implosion Circle. Formed in 2006, and with a sound that recalls some of yesterday's greats (Metallica and Megadeth both come to mind, but the eighties thrash scene in general seems to have seeped into the sound of Implosion Circle) while also (ever so lightly ) treading the modern metal scene, this 4-piece band is bound to get both your blood and your fists pumping! While the mere mention of groove heavy thrash, or for that matter the term "modern metal", often sends people running away in fear (which I can not blame them for doing) the truth is that both of those key word combinations show up on the group's latest release. And you know what? With this bunch it actual works! On this 5-track EP, which is just shy of the 23 minute mark, vocalist/guitarist Michi Maierhofer leads a band that tackles "modern and groovy thrash metal" (there words and not mine) while never looking back! There are no side-by-side comparisons for this group though. Sure enough those early thrash influences are there for the taking, but as for the heavy groove angle? That's all Implosion Circle and it's all great. It's not so groovy that it gets sloppy or anything and it never let's up on the heavy thrash side of things so there is no way that someone could not recognize this group for what they really are (ie: thrash metal fanatics!). It's simply that "The Angry And Enraged" rocks to the beat of it's own drummer, which is this case is Mischa Blaser, while adding some "groove punch" to their modern thrash drink of choice! With guitarist Philipp Dublanc and bassist Manuel Wiget doing their things (and doing it well) this EP, which serves as the follow-up to group's 2009 debut, "Man of Contradiction", is (simply put kiddos) fun. The leads are sweet, straight-no-chaser thrash and the bass, which I have to give tons of credit to Manuel Wiget for, gives the songs on this EP that deep and heavy crushing effect! Implosion Circle gives an extra, much-needed (and damn-right truly appreciated) dose of crunchiness to modern thrash in the hope that it will help knock some common sense into it the genre. Their muscular metal packs a real wallop so don't be mistaken. When it comes time to deliver these cuts to the listening audience it's done so in heavy thrash fashion! So, we're looking at a heavy thrashing good time with a tiny scoop of groove mixed in to make things really fun. I see nothing wrong with that folks! And with Metal Message Promotions now backing this band up we could be looking at the next big thing in the making to hail from Switzerland or really anywhere! You can check this EP out for yourself right bellow and be sure to go and "like" the group's Facebook page while you're at it!



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