Monday, October 28, 2013

The Approach And The Execution Kickstarter campaign (Urgent Update!!!)

Cleveland's The Approach And The Execution The Approach And The Execution are looking for help in funding album number two. Faithful readers will no doubt recall that I have covered this excellent metal band in the past and have also considered them to be friends. As usually with these kind of  Kickstarter campaigns there are all sorts of goodies for those who can and do help out. Having heard some of the new material live I can tell you that it carries the same kind of spirit as album number one, "The Blood March". That being said, album number two for these Cleveland metal maniacs (with the working title of "Kings Among Runaways") should see the band move in a new, and more then likely exciting, direction as there has been some line-up changes between the release of "The Blood March" and now. You can find out more about the new album and how you can help to be a part of it by visiting the link posted below. On behalf on the band I'd like to thank everyone ahead of time for anything they can do to help fund this new album by possibly one of the nicest and most humble group of musicians I have ever had the pleasure of being friends with!

**Update! With just 3 days to go before their campaign is closed the band finds itself only half way towards it's total goal! With nearly half of their goal still to go now is the time to show your support for local talent! Whether you live in Ohio or not underground bands like The Approach And The Execution are what keeps true heavy metal alive. Often times these bands hold down full-time jobs at the same time that they give 100% of their efforts to their music. I know first-hand the dedication that these Cleveland-based musicians put into their music and without some outside help they will not be able to take that next step. Any amount will help, even $1.00! Please help if you can as The Approach And The Execution are one of the nicest and humblest bands I know while they are also one of the more extreme providers of epic metal! Their campaign fund will stop at Thursday night so now is the time to show how much excellent unsigned talent like this means to the heavy metal community at large. On behalf of the band I thank you in advance for the consideration.

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