Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Breached-Left Behind

Self-Release/Independent Release

The Toronto rock collective known as Breached was formed back in 2010. "Left Behind", which was recorded in between Canadian and US dates of this past the spring and summer, is the third EP from Breached and follows hot on the tracks of their second EP, the acoustic release, "Revolution Sessions". As this was my first exposure to this four-piece I really wasn't sure what to expect as their description, "loud rock", doesn't give you much to go on hint-wise. Then again, the band also came packing the requisite "recommended if you like..." part that (oddly) included the likes of Alice In Chains, Incubus, Staind, Deftones and Alexisonfire. I'm not sure what was going on with that Alice In Chains one other then the fact that Breached did include a stripped-down cover version of their "No Excuses" on their last EP. Well, it's either that or whoever suggested that this band would suite fans of that Seattle band was smoking something mighty green and mighty fierce! Up front, and thrown squarely in your face so that there is no way you can miss it, there is some fairly blatant apparent Staind love going on with this bunch. Although, to be fair and all, that kind of love has been done in much worse fashion then this band is capable of pumping out and the EP's second track, "Piece By Piece", actually had me envisioning the bastard offspring of Staind and Fall Out Boy! Oh, and then there's the fact that vocalist Bobby Noakes isn't really all that bad of a band leader. His vocals suite the style of rock here and give Breached, which is actually quite melodic when they choose to be, a fair shot at evolving into something more original. Perhaps I'm being a little too rough on this band. Unlike groups like Incubus and Staind these Toronto rockers don't make me want to shove crochet needles all the way into my eardrums! So hey, that's a positive right? Right?


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