Monday, October 21, 2013

Markradonn-Final Dying Breath

Bluntface Records

I can't be one hundred percent positive, but I'm still fairly certain that this is the first time that I've seen guest credits listed on a death metal-styled album for the trombone! In this case it's Alexis Regazzi and the track in question is "Frenzied Winter Sorrow". Granted, there are also trumpets (Chris King), French horns (Nick Weaver) and even Didgeridoo credits (Dennis Bottaro) on "Final Dying Breath" so maybe the trombone doesn't seem so odd given it's shared company? Whatever the case Markradonn, which is lead by multi-intrumentalist/ lead vocalist Haniel Adhar (who also produced, recorded and mixed "Final Dying Breath"), is "interesting" if nothing else! Because the band felt that the use of digital samples would come across as "fake and sterile" they decided to just add a full-time brass section and a full-time timpani* player (which admittedly is cool) to a sound that also incorporates hand percussion, natural drums and, like earlier hinted at, aboriginal instruments! Those last three elements were added in so that Markradonn's sound would give off a "ritualistic" vibe and , sure enough folks, it most certainly does! And what's the really weird thing about "Final Dying Breath"? Well, as strange as all of that sounds on paper (and even I would have to acknowledge that it not only sounds crazy, but that the next part of all of this makes me sound Bellevue Hospital bat-crazy!), it actually works well within the confines of Markradonn's take on extreme music and, yes it's crazy I realize, but I can totally dig what these guys are all about! At face value it might not seem as if a band like this could (technically-speaking) really be a death metal band, but take away the brass instruments and all of the other "unusual" elements and sure enough that's just what you get-death metal. In fact these fine folks are influenced by Floridan death metal. So, while the group is said to draw it's influences from "multiple sources such as Black Metal, Soundtrack Composers and Aboriginal music", this is still very much a death metal album at heart. As there is no real way to explain how all of this works though, especially if you are standing on the outside and staring in through the proverbial window, I've included all of the various links that were provided with this promo so you can experience this one for yourself!

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