Friday, October 18, 2013

Superhorrorfuck-Death Becomes Us

Logic(Il)Logic Records

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? No? Would you care to? If deep down inside, hidden behind those innocent eyes of yours (and I know this because my own set of eyeballs gives off an innocent glow), you find yourself saying "Yes" to that very question then man, do I ever have a band for you! As the back-story for this one goes: "Four guys, members of a band called Morphina, are driving through the woods of Desperation City towards a dirty pub where they were supposed to play for an Halloween party. The four guys never reached their destination, their car crashed mysteriously and their bodies had never been found... Instead of them, four fresh dead corpses reached the pub, they called themselves Superhorrorfuck". So there you go. Ghoulish rock from "Desperation City" as played by guys like Dr. Freak (vocals) and Mr. 4 (bass). Seems legit to me. With a current line-up that also includes Deadly Bucks & Izzy Wyldhell (guitars) and Franky Voltage (drums), and guest musicians such as Paghalloween (lead guitar solos),  Sgt. Anubis (rhythm guitars) and Littlebomb (drums), the band's latest album features just the right combination of sleazy punk, ghetto glam and horror heavy metal to get your Halloween party hopping! This LP, which is actually their 3rd full-length endeavor (the group has also released one EP.), cuts right to the rotten heart of Desperation City's Superhorrorfuck and their cool as shit style. The group's less-then-subtle make-up and  image does come across as "interesting" and it might look to some as if these crazed, demonically-possessed zombie rockers can't be taken seriously. But, strip away the make-up and overall theme of this Italian act and there is so much more to be discovered. Unlike the old hair metal and glam metal days of old when bands were all dressed up in an attempt to hide their lack-luster talent (no need to name names although groups like Nitro and Pretty Boy Floyd spring to mind) the musicians that make up Superhorrorfuck know all to well to get things done. Here on tape these Frankenstein-like creatures of the night rock out hard and if you were to drop the outfits and the often times bizarre and ghoulish lyrics you would still end up with a very special sound that appeal to the large majority of heavy metal fans out there. Sure enough these "monsters" do combine all of the sick and twisted elements/fantasies of  artists like Alice Cooper, Lizzy Borden, Murderdolls, Samhain and Wednesday 13. But on the other hand you're looking (or rather listening to) a band that has an almost Guns N' Roses meets Mindfunk vibe about them that is most definitely metallic. So, even if this album's artwork and the band's name threw me for a loop when I pulled this particularly strange promo out of a package of many (which I would suspect it would do to others) the actual music that these guys pump out is hard & heavy and it features some tasty guitar licks, a thick back-side that keeps everything crunchy (in a 80's hard rock way) and vocals that are kind of gnarly! Yet again you just cannot judge a book by it's cover!

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