Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Atomic Stuff Records

When it comes to DangerEgo, a 5-piece act who first saw the light of day in 2005 (at which time former members of Terrametèa, Bleff, Chèquers and Florence New Grass came together over a shared love of bands as heavy as Black Sabbath and as diverse as Faith No More) sometimes it's best to just let the promo material do all the work. After all, you've just got to love any PR department that comes up with a description, and a damn close one to boot, for DangerEgo that reads: "Like Guns N' Roses driving around in a Cadillac in the Palm Desert while David Coverdale wakes up listening to Alter Bridge"! I'd like to buy a coke for whoever came up with that little gem of a description as that was all she wrote! Damn right my interest was peaked! How could it not be? The band, which sounds as if it comes from anywhere in the world other then Florence, Italy (more specifically this band sounds like they could and should be U.S. rockers!) is fronted by one Flavio Angelini, whose every-man vocals give DangerEgo this almost down-home quality. Sure, this band does show off the cards that they are holding with their admitted admiration for a band like Alter Bridge and even some early 80's rock and roll, but with DangerEgo it's played for keeps and in their capable hands rock and roll is anything but noise pollution (to reference AC/DC). With Flavio Angelini's "rustic" vocals and lyrics that seem honest and sincere, DangerEgo has the appeal of a great garage rock outfit, but one with style, substance and masterful musicians. But, even if it starts up front with Flavio's mic work it doesn't just come to a crashing stop there. While Flavio gets to the heart of the matter, meanwhile the listener is left in the care of the guitarists Enrico Francesca and Lorenzo Giusti. The work of these two gentlemen, which comes off as both highly professional and emotionally invested, creates the impression that (in addition to) the residual haunting notes of many a past & present stoner rock band, it's the post-grunge/alternative rock of bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Bush that have played an important role in this Italian band's sound and style. With a few other influences coming into play like Audioslave and even Alice In Chains (or really what Alice In Chains would sound like if they had been more influenced by 70's hard rock then anything else) this collection of rock tunes is a easy thing to get excited about! A rhythm section made up of Claudio Zucchelli and Massimiliano Innocenti (bass and drums respectively) simply adds to the comfortably nature of this band and their stoner rock/heavy metal/post-grunge/hard rock combination of a full-length debut album, "Autopsy". Initially released in 2011, with Atomic Stuff Records no doubt realizing the pure gold of "Autopsy" that was staring everyone in the face, this re-release will be distributed by Andromeda Dischi and is highly recommend to rock fans and even those people who still live and breath by the vibe of Seattle's once amazing grunge scene. For an album in general this one is impressive, but for a debut-album it's an even bigger deal as it rocks hard and, like some neon signs in the horizon, it points towards even better things to come. And finally, it's also one of those releases which just goes to show you that cool rock came from just about anywhere!

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