Monday, October 14, 2013

Fuck You Pay Me-2013 Demo


Recorded at Negative Space in Cleveland by John Delzoppo, during which time "Zero fucks were given", this 2-track digital release, which is a pay what you want download, features the kind of still wasted from the night before and still totally pissed-off punk/hardcore that one needs to get through another week of boredom and frustration. Featuring Tony Erba on lead vocals (who may or may not be completely psychotic-you make the judgement call there) the band's personal interests include "Glue huffing,straight edging, race baiting, race mixing, the search for bigfoot, long walks off short piers and wide stances in airport bathrooms". If that sounds like just your poison then be sure to check out the group's bandcamp page and, while you're there, why not throw these crazy maniacs a buck or two? After all, living ain't easy and being in a band (whether as deranged as Fuck Off Pay Me or not) doesn't come cheap!

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