Friday, October 11, 2013

Slutvomit-Swarming Darkness

Invictus Productions

Formed in 2006, and possessing one of the more-ahem-"interesting" names out there (What, were the names "Whorelauncher" or "Skankfountain" already taken?) the U.S. 3-piece known as Slutvomit and have already released one demo and one EP ("Satanic Slut Metal" and "Turning the Cross Towards Hell" respectively). Now, on their first full-length album "Swarming Darkness", we find ourselves staring into the empty eyes of this 3-piece band whose sole purpose in life seems to be churning out sick, sleazy and raw, "as blackened as possible" speed-thrash/death metal with overtly blasphemous lyrics. Mission accomplished then. And while there does seem to be a lot of these kind of underground, overly satanic, "early Sodom by way of a more messed-in-the-head Morbid Angel" (A new genre perhaps?) bands (to the point where it's almost self-parody) there are few that take it this level of unholiness. Lead by one M. Larson (vocals and guitars) this Washington-based act does present a bit of a challenge (tolerance-wise) as it does blur together after awhile. With influences like the aforementioned Sodom and Morbid Angel, in addition to bands like Slayer, Possessed, Bathory, Venom and Destroyer 666 this is one underground band that's likely to already have a built-in audience that's just waiting for fast & frantic, unholy metal like this. .

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