Friday, October 04, 2013

Lost Area-From The Ashes

Broken Silence

I'm standing alone in the dark when it comes to Lost Area. If memory serves me correct it was Reverbnation that recommended Lost Area, but seeing as this was only available as an import, it did take me some time to track a copy down. So, by the time it showed up in my mail the one day I had all but forgotten about the band. Yeah, being 40 is hard enough without the new gaps in my memory! Anyway, it did show up eventually and after listening to the whole disc through I was glad I took the chance on this 3-piece. So, what was it about Lost Area that appealed to me in the first place you may be asking? The track "Lost In This World", which was (I believe) the sample song I heard, showed off a band that was electric (in the true sense of the word) and electric (as in the song by Diamond Head, "It's Electric")! No, this is about a million miles removed from Diamond Head and their scene, but I can't help but get that song stuck in my head when I listen to these guys. But the question does remain. How to describe Lost Area? Is this Swish act industrial goth rock? Syth pop? Electronic emo? The answer is all three I guess. While the sound that these three swing from is often computer generated and synthesized, the group does incorporate true, driving guitar leads and heavy bass giving it a much "alive" feeling. The main driving force of Lost Area looks to be vDiva who handles vocals, guitars, bass, keyboard and programming. His vocals suite this style of electronic rock as the band does give off a somewhat somber vibe even when the music is uptempo and energized. Along with vDiva there's also Josh Bertraim (management, booking, additional keyboards and backing vocals) and drummer Chris Fox and together they give an album like "From The Ashes" this supercharged atmosphere! While I might not have all the answers as to the back-story of this group and what not I do know that I like it because it's a different animal all together. It's one of those releases that allow for a break from my usual routine of all things rock and metal while it also has enough of both of those genres that it's comfortable and familiar. It might not be for everyone, but as I grew up listening to the likes of N.I.N. and Ministry and enjoyed Billy Idol's adventures in synth rock and roll I am able to appreciate what Lost Area has to offer.

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