Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Rawhide-Murder One


Featuring two musicians with ties to black metal band Bestial Mockery, vocalist/guitarist Rambling Rob and drummer El Wocko (also of Kill fame), the Swedish 4-piece known as Rawhide are what Motörhead would sound like if Lemmy and the boys (randomly) decided one day to devote the rest of their lives to playing death punk 'n' roll! That's the easiest, and down-right most effectively way, to address the lethal poison that is administered via the band's 9-track "Murder One" album and I for one refuse to keep an eye out for any "cure"! With bassist Captain Twofinger and guitarist/backing vocalist Little Mike (Protector) filling out the ranks of this decade long band the stage is all set for Rawhide, which lists "blood, guts and beer" as their collective interests, to conquer the hearts and minds of listeners everywhere! Since cranking out their first demo back in 2004 (The cleverly-titled "A man who loves whiskey and hates kids cant be all bad") the guys in Rawhide kept fairly busy as is obvious from their expanded back-catalog posted below. While I won't (or simply can't) wager on the quality of any of those past releases, this full-length, which was actually  recorded back in 2012 at Sunlight Studios together with producer Tomas Skogsberg (Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, Entombed etc.) lending a helping hand, was pieced together bit by bit and (most likely) beer by beer in order to highlight the mad metal skills of Rawhide without sacrificing the band's "charming" punk rock appeal. Is a band like this for everyone? Probably not. Their sleazy outlook requires just the right kind of audience. In essence it takes a certain amount of deviant behavior, or even repressed feelings of social and economic disadvantage, to hang with these Swedes on a daily basis so those who might be leery of the old adage "When you lay down with dogs you're bound to get flees" should probably keep on walking. As for everybody else though? Well, you can pick up this beer-drenched and hellbent for heavy metal collection of punk right HERE.

"A man who loves whiskey and hates kids cant be all bad" Demo (2004) 
"Deathpunk Playboys" Demo (2005) 
"Red light district" Demo (2006) 
"Plenty ain`t enought" CD (2009) Dybbuk Records 
"Built to blow" EP (2011) Hellrocker Records 
"Branded for life" EP (2011) Patac Records

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