Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Sic Zone-Bear The Consequences

Dr. Music Records

A German heavy thrash/death metal that employees some groove? Really? Isn't that so very shocking? No? Yeah, you're right. Maybe it's not that shocking. Somewhere way in the very back, deep dark recesses of my mind I'm certain that others have walked that walk before.Do you want to hear a secret though? Do you promise not to tell?  Do you pinky swear? Yes? Well, I wasn't sold on on this one by way of it's "description", but what's written on paper doesn't always tell the full story I've always tried to preach. And the "story" of this German band does  has a bit of weight to it. Under their previous name, A-Rise, the band released two demos and two full-length albums. Reportedly back then they were catering to the death metal masses with their music. The name change came about this year (reportedly after the world didn't end on time like so many predicted) with their full-length debut release, "Bear The Consequences", following closely behind. Given that the style change isn't technically all that drastic I'm sure that fans of the old would and should find some of this metal material interesting and intriguing. While they don't spell out exactly who it was that transferred over from A-Rise to Sic Zone, which would have helped some, there is still a line-up given here that includes vocalist/guitarist PY, guitarist Morbid, bassist Chico and drummer/percussionist KY. As they play such hybrid metal the influences are fairly obvious and even spelled out. Machine Head, Pantera and Sepultura all top the list, but there's also some Mudvayne and Slipknot that I detected. When it's finished off with elements of progressive metal, extreme metal, thrash rock and even hardcore it's way more interesting and gripping then any one tag alone could do justice to. So, with that out of the way let's head back to my little secret then. The thing is, even if it didn't sound as if it would be an album I'd get into (damn those promo descriptions LOL!) I actually really enjoyed this one and the way in which it played out. I found it much more enjoyment then I thought previously possible and a big part of that has to do with not the overall heaviness of this project, but the way in which the group shakes things up with the additional use of percussion and (at the top of my list) the hate-filled delivery of vocalist PY!  On "Bear The Consequences" the listener is pulled in by PY's ability to both scream and deliver these softer, and somewhat psychotic, moments in which he "sings". His voice is somewhat unsettling which works well in the constraints of this album. Overall Sic Zone have issued a really solid debut-album and have hit on a style that really suites their ability. This is a fine start for this German band.

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