Monday, October 07, 2013

Monster Magnet-Last Patrol

Napalm Records

Jersey's Monster Magnet disappeared off of my radar a few years back so I was excited to hear that the band was still around and all set to issue album number nine. When it showed up in the pile of promos awhile back I listened to it once, spent some time away doing other things, came back and listened to it again,  did other stuff, etc. It wasn't for lack of enthusiasm that I held off on writing about the new album, but rather it was the realization that I was kind of stumped on how I wanted to approach this review. Due for release this October, which seems like a good month for a psychedelic album like this one to drop, Monster Magnet left me with a decision. Should I mention their 4th full-length album, 1998's "Powertrip", which changed everything for the band (as they blew up overnight thanks to "Space Lord"!), but also forever pegged them as a "one hit wonder"? Obviously I did bring it up as I think it's fair to say that for most people (other then true fans of this Jersey stoner band) it's "Space Lord" that first pops into their mind when you bring up Monster Magnet. So, I kind of had to mention it, but (and this is a BIG BUT) the band has given it's all in the passing years since then to release killer rock and album number nine is no different! The same group that gave us "Space Lord" in 1998 has tons to offer on "Last Patrol" and, without doing a track by track breakdown, it's almost a given that it's the band's ability to mix things up while playing relentless rock that makes Monster Magnet a easy to appreciate entity. Fans should have no trouble enjoying the group's latest mixture of everything from blues rock to epic metal and of course stone-cold grooves while casual listeners (like me) can get a real sense of  relief (you know, as in releasing all that built-up stress and anxiety) from the tracks found in "Lost Patrol". So, while I might have lost track of everything that has been going on in a band like Jersey's Monster Magnet, it's cool to see that the band is still cracking out their own-brand of psychedelic-flavored stoner rock!

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