Saturday, October 05, 2013

Fausttophel-Thirst Of Oblivion

Another Side Records

Russian metal that is naturally sung in Russian. That could prove to be a challenge. I'm always saying that heavy metal (or in this case blackened melodic death metal) is a universal language though so no excuses on my end. posses Alright, so here's what I do know about this band (info-wise). There's two members in Alexander Savinykh (vocals, guitars, bass and drums) and Valentin Samokhin (keys and vocals) with Alexander likely the band's founder. Formed in 1999 in Poltava, Ukraine the band's first run would only last until 2001. Later on in 2009 the band would be resurrected in the Obninsk, Kaluga region in Russia (Metal Archives I thank you for the info). And finally "Thirst Of Oblivion", which is technically called "Жажда забвения", is the group's debut album. Well, that's if you can call a 6-track release a "album". Oh, and there's also a cover on this "album" of the Коллапс track "Думи" (translation: "Thoughts" by the band Kollaps). The rest of the album's tracks are listed below in English if anyone is interested. Alright, so after all of that what are we to make of Fausttophel and this 6-track release? Musically they've been compared to the likes of Old Man's Child, which I do pick up on, and are suggested for fans of Edge Of Sanity (most definitely), Gates of Ishtar and Unanimated (Metal Scrape Records I thank you for any & all addition information I plundered from your site and this album's description). I personally don't know much about those other two bands (sound-wise) and can't say for certain if that's the case or not, but there's certainly some Old Man's Child and Edge Of Sanity going on here and, even in Russian, this short release (it falls under 40 minutes) is pretty sick. Gritty is another word I would use to describe this band's delivery and (in typical fashion of this kind of black metal enhanced melodic death metal) there is a overwhelming feeling of dread on "Thirst Of Oblivion". This 6-track album is really dark and it carries itself in a fashion where even at it's HEAVIEST there is a twisted sense of melancholy! Something different for sure, but different's good with this kind of metal.

Tracklist Translation:
"Thirst of Oblivion"
1. Feather - Hanjar
2. Looking for Lights
3. Spell
4. Part of You
5.  ( cover)
6. Thirst of Oblivion

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