Friday, October 11, 2013

Dark Age-A Matter of Trust

AFM Records

In the back of my mind I was kind of hoping that somehow this was the same L.A., heavy metal/power metal band Dark Age that released one of the better cult EP's, the self-titled "Dark Age", back in 1984. Of course I knew that wasn't the case. Even so this Hamburg-based Dark Age, who are actually now on lucky album number seven, have an interesting sound all their own. The band, which was formed in 1994 and originally went by the name of Dyer's Eve, is lead by front-man/ guitarist Eike Freese and, for lack of a better description I suppose, they play a hybrid form of metal that combines European-style power metal, melodic death metal, heavy rock and even shades of modern metal. With flashy, nearly techno, keyboards (Martin Reichert) and lead solos from, I assume, Jörn Schubert (of Holy Moses fame) that comes across as thrash rock, this is an album that really caught me off guard! It truly surprised me how interesting the whole album is with it's many different layers and adventurous movements. An album like this is not an easy undertaking seeing how the actual music combines all of these contrasting elements into one smooth narration. On hand it's all so "different" and yet, when you look at it from a another angle and really allow yourself to become one with the music, it's a strong and compelling release with top-notch musicians and songs that keep you interested in what is coming up next. While there are good albums out there far too many just do not have a clue on how to keep you on your toes. This release welcomes you to come inside, sit down and unwind like a family friend. Now I've just got to say that even if this wasn't the Dark Age I had hoped for, and even if this Dark Age was completely unfamiliar to me before listening to "A Matter of Trust", I'm glad I gave it a chance and I would highly recommend this to people who are looking for something different then your typical, run of the mill, heavy metal albums. With "A Matter Of Trust", which yes, does make me hum the Billy Joe song every-time I type it, there is just so much to it. Or (when talking about their new album) to look at it a different way, when it comes to Dark Age, like they say at Baskin-Robbins, there are "31 Fun Flavors" for you to try!

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