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Formed in 2009, with "Interferenze" serving as their grand debut, Seta are a five-piece electro/rock band from Verona, Italy. For this young act, whose lyrics happen to be entirely in Italian, the album "Interferenze" serves as the connecting point between the past, present and future. Only with Seta it's all eyes pointing forward as they aspire to "sound consistent". To that end they most certainly do succeed as "Interferenze", in a fashion that is often times reserved for the likes of (early to mid period) Depeche Mode or, in a way even I can't quite fully explain, a less-polished (but way more rock-oriented) Duran Duran. The contrast between music such as this and the album's opening sample of "Sid Vicious is Dead" is striking in more ways then one. True, anytime a album opens with samples clipped from (what I would assume to be) a British broadcast alert and then (dramatically) shifts right into Italian it's going to come across as nothing less then radical. In the case of Seta though it's not just that "unique" combination that counts for something, but it's also the strange allure that comes from positive, forward-thinking, edgy rock being broken up by these softer synth moments. The graceful synths are the work of Alberto Rossetti (keyboards/synth, samples) and even at the highest level of usage they are never overpowering enough to flood over the rock reality of this recording. Lead by Luca Tosato, whose voice has all the hallmarks of  a top-tier rock star (only without the bloated sense of self-entitlement that comes along with such a title), Seta offers the listener something different, a new choice if you will. Even within the electro/rock genre these Italians stand out as the music here almost has the feel of a movie soundtrack, but one that has transposed into the more traditional setting of a rock and roll LP. While it does feature quite a bit of  no-nonsense, heavy guitar rock, which comes courtesy of Lorenzo Meuti, these musicians do understand the delicate balance that is achieved by bringing melody into the equation. Rudy Ferrarese (bass) and Matteo Ortolani (drums) are the last two pieces to this puzzle and all told Seta, and their full-length debut album here, were a more then pleasant surprise. In the end this one comes with my sincere recommendations.

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