Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tales Of Pain-Into The Labyrinth


Tales Of Pain, a four-piece Mexican (tried and true) heavy metal/melodic power metal band, was first conceived of back in April of 2009. At first it was all about friends just having some fun and bounding over a (obvious) shared love of bands like Iron Maiden, Helloween and Metallica. Over time though the four musicians, who are lead "Into the Labyrinth" by the highly effective vocals of guitarist Siaska Di Borja, decided to buckle down, fine-tune their craft and, no doubt spurred on by the fact that they already had quite a bit of talent on their side (as well as natural charisma and youthful enthusiasm-two things that can't be learned as you've either got them or you don't!), see where things would lead to. And man alive let me tell you what folks. We should all be very grateful that Tales Of Pain, hailing specifically from Villahermosa, Tabasco, did decide to take things as far as they could go. Especially seeing as "Into the Labyrinth", a 9-track combination of (fine as wine) traditional heavy metal and melodic power metal, is quite the inspired release! While I'm not exactly sure if this is the group's first attempt to put things to tape or not (although I assume it is) I will say that if it is then "Into the Labyrinth" is a very splendid introduction indeed! With numbers like "Dark Decay" honing in on 80's metal, before heating things up some with a bit of heavy thrash,  and a cut like "Alive", with it's majestic approach to epic metal, moving Tales Of Pain from a fresh-faced, up-and-coming band to "top of the pops" territory this one band that should benefit from today's technical age. In the past a band like Tales Of Pain would have had a hard time even moving up past the tape-trading market and into the land of independent labels. Things have changed though (as far as getting your music out there to a world-wide audience and placing it into the right hands in order to get a record contract) and in the case of Tales Of Pain they can easily use that to their advantage. Still, when it comes to this heavy metal band, which also features guitarist Eddie Maciel, bassist Daniel Arias and drummer Beliel Canto within it's ranks, I'd love to cut through some of the burdensome "red tape" for them. I'd strongly urge any and all PR friends/contacts of mine to listen to "Into the Labyrinth" for yourselves and hear why I'm so excited about what these young guys have accomplished (sound-wise) in such a short length of time! Maybe this isn't quite music built for rocking out to, but (technically-speaking) Tales Of Pain have built a behemoth of an album  riff by bloody riff! For a young band that has barely cracked the ceiling of  the underground scene, which means of course that ( and may the gods of all things loud and proud bless them for this!) they are probably playing to crowds of no more then 200 or so, this kind of dedication and achievement is even more impressive! So yes, if I was in the PR field I'd grab this band right here and now while there is still fire in their belly. For everyone else though here's another example of  what is (more or less) metal magic in all it's glory. "Through The Looking Glass", which is cut number seven, is the sound of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest converging at that exact spot in history when Queensrÿche used to be good (God, does anyone else remember that or is it just my imagination getting the better of me?). Elsewhere the band puts all of it's chips on the style, sound and even swagger of Helloween and, if I had to put my money where my mouth is, I would wager that for the bulk of heavy metal fans that is where they would get the most pleasure out of this 4-piece band! With Tales Of Pain quite effectively merging these various different elements (from melodic metal to nearly progressive metal a lot of ground is covered on this release) into one new character I'd expect great things out of this young band as the sky is very much the limit! Find out more about Tales Of Pain, and how freaking straight-up boss their sound is, at their Facebook page here:

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