Thursday, October 31, 2013

Promiscuity - Basic Instinct


Israel isn't the first place that comes to mind when I think of sleazy, underground blackened speed metal. But then again what do I know? Of course I also find myself wondering what the odds are that today's generation of metalheads would know what the film Basic Instinct is let alone get the reference of this EP's cover-art? Regardless,  when it comes right down to this recently-released (name your own price) 4-track EP, which was reportedly written between 2011-2012 (with recording taking place this year) and clocks in at under 15 minutes, we're talking about one bad-ass, son of a witch, slab of heavy metal! Hell, I could just stop right there, leave you with the picture below, and that would be all you need to know about "Basic Instinct". In this case a picture speaks a thousand words!
When you've got Lemmy holding up your album then you know you've made it! What better endorsement does a band really need? Still, this 3-piece group, which was formed in 2010 by the pair of vocalist/guitarist Butcher and bassist Werewolf (who is also the owner of Israhellbanger Records and was the editor of  the fanzine "Evil's Best"), deserves a bit more press then that given how deliciously primal and "Toxic Waltz" worthy this 4-track EP is! With three original compositions and a (pissed-off and foaming at the mouth) cover of Celtic Frost's "Into the Crypts of Rays" it's not everyday that an EP like this falls into your lap! Speaking of the cool cover choice, which almost sounds like a cross between Venom and Motörhead (just two of  influences that help define the sound of Promiscuity), early Celtic Frost (and thus Hellhammer) would make for a good starting point. So would bands like Bathory, Italy's Bulldozer and maybe even (early) Burzum. With Steel (Sonne Adam) on drums the members of Promiscuity have the power-trio appeal down flat. You know the bands I'm talking about right? Venom and Motörhead are two bands that at one point or another had just three members, but bands like Sodom, Tank, At War and Destruction have also featured similar, trimmed-down line-ups. I don't know about everyone else, but I've always found 3-piece metal bands to be rather appealing and this Israeli band is no different. It should probably be mentioned that lead screamer/ thrashing guitarist Butcher comes from the "Cronos School For Gifted Heavy Metal Vocalists". Translation: His voice is a bit gruff. Rough vocals work though when it comes to underground metal (especially black metal/speed metal/black n' roll) and it gives a release like "Basic Instinct" a more sleazy vibe. Other then the (WAY too) short length of this EP you couldn't ask for a better release then this. Even though it's got a black metal soul the EP is more upbeat in a subtle Motörhead kind of way. It's also far from depressing which is (admittedly) another strange thing for a black metal (ish) band. But, it makes this one stand out in a good way. As the guys in Promiscuity, who no-doubt would be found sporting evil smirks on their faces, rock the joint all the way to hell and back they seem to be issuing an open invitations with "Basic Instinct". This EP is calling out to anyone/anywhere who wants to get on board.  If  that sounds like you then follow the link below...

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