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Sent to us by Blëed's bassist Mike Bell, who also plays in the progressive power metal outfit Samandriel,
this self-titled, self-released EP looks to be the first piece of recording from Edmonton, Alberta-based Blëed. At a little under 16 minutes in length, and featuring four tracks that range from pure thrash ("Murder Baby") to heavy thrash that borders on near death metal (the appropriately-titled "Berzerker"), "Blëed" is not just a good start for this four-piece band, but a legit slab of in-your-face metal that would make for a fine addition to any one's personal collection! Opener "Red Eye" is four minutes-plus of gritty thrash that finds lead vocalist Rob Cooper assaulting the mic with his furious vocal delivery before a sweet guitar solo makes the cut all the more reckless! With lyrics that seem to be partly based in the same camps of Rigor Mortis and Cannibal Corpse, which means gore and all things blood red, Rob's style is gruff but he's easy to understand so there's no downside there. The lead solos are really nothing short of wicked and come from Ron Kratky whose Metal Archives pick shows him sporting a Slayer shirt! You simply cannot go wrong there can you? Drummer Dylan Mooney (who also handles vocals, bass and drums in the cleverly-titled stoner band Seedlëss) rounds things out and by the time "Obelisk" wrapped this EP up I have to say that I found myself impressed and longing for more! With just this recently-released EP to their name chances are fairly good that Blëed is bound to be a bit unknown down south here in the U.S. Still, the (heavily watched by the wonderful folks over at the NSA) Internet connects us all and with a simply click below you can find yourself face-to-face with a cool, up-and-coming, thrash band that has nowhere to go but up! Check them out for yourself right here:

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