Monday, December 30, 2013

Crucified Mortals/Exorcism-Split 7" EP

Hells Headbangers

This 7" split EP, which features" ultra-clear vinyl with a heavy black splatter"(see cool pic below!), actually came out back in October but I'm just now getting a chance to hear it. Having covered Cleveland, Ohio's Crucified Mortals (their 2011 self-titled debut album, which I reviewed way back in the day, was also released on Hells Headbangers) I was pleased to see that the same kind of 80's Slayer/At War/Dark Angel/Rigor Mortis worship that made that album so much fun is present on their two tracks, "Crippling the Will of Faith" and "You'll Wish You Were Dead". Both cuts are exclusive to this release and keep with the band's attitude that eighties death and thrash metal was the real deal. Meanwhile Germany's Exorcism also offer two exclusive cuts to this split in the form of "Through the Eyes of the Dead" and "Failed Exhumation". And, just like Cleveland's Crucified Mortals, the past is alive and well with this German band's take on death metal. Sounding like they could have been made on cassette tape in someone's garage, "Through the Eyes of the Dead" and "Failed Exhumation" are two down and dirty, rotten to the core slabs of death metal that sound as if they could have easily slipped through the time-stream from 1980 something to 2013! In other words they are simply fantastic! And really all four numbers on this split 7" are just great. Especially if you're a fan of eighties thrash and death metal! You can pick up a copy of this one right here:

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