Sunday, December 29, 2013

Scout Paré-Phillips Fields of Ash 7"

Pesanta Urfolk

This was actually released back in August, but for whatever reason I kept passing it over. That proved to be nothing short of a mistake as this 7' EP from singer-songwriter Scout Paré-Phillips (The Sterling Sisters) is a compelling take on folk music! Well, it's sort of folk music and then again it's also like dark Americana I suppose. Or is it graceful goth? Counter-culture music? Maybe it's early gospel country? Whatever you choose to call these two numbers it's a wonderful, graceful (yes, I know I already mentioned graceful once already but this really is!) and frankly charming solo release from one extremely talented individual! Backing up Scout Paré-Phillips (vocals, autoharp, guitar) are Emil Bognar-Nasdor (drums, percussion) and Jonathan Elliott (electronics) and if this 2-track release (available as both a limited-edition, white 7" and a digital download) is any indication of  the talent of Scout Paré-Phillips then by all means fiends, release a full-length album of hers already! With a simply stunning and devilishly charming voice she breaths life into both "Fields of Ash" and "In The End" and while the music can be viewed as earthy and enchanting it's also haunting and gives off a slight feeling of dread. As an alternative to the usually heavy, thrash and death metal that's been clogging up my veins it's a beautiful thing but it also stands just fine on it's own. With "Fields of Ash" singer-songwriter Scout Paré-Phillips proves that there is always some new and exciting to be unearthed if you just allow yourself to take a chance on the unknown! 

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