Monday, December 23, 2013

Heikki Hautala-Pyövelin Vaatteet

Ektro/Future Lunch

You'll have to forgive me when it comes to this one folks as there's very little information to be found within the confines of this promo's (brief) notes or, for that matter, online. That said here is what I do know. Besdies being celebrate for his outstanding artwork (of which samples which can be found online) Heikki Hautala is a member of the noisy punk-rock outfit Sokea Piste and "Pyövelin Vaatteet" (roughly translated as "Executioners Clothes") is his first (?) solo release. Despite the album's ghastly album art this is actually more in tune with natural, almost-organic, folk music. Recorded on a 4-track recorder (remember those?) in the woods of Kuru, Finland this release is surprisingly down to earth and very easy to become transfixed with. On a side-note everything is sung in Finnish I believe so, from the stand-point of an English-speaking gentlemen such as myself, it's more a matter of simply embracing the peaceful and enchanting tones of  "Pyövelin Vaatteet" then breaking-apart the lyrical nature of this recording. Even so, as peaceful and relaxing as this release was for me on a personal level, there is still an undeniable sense of sadness woven within these tracks. It's as if the narration speaks of some unseen horror that lies just beyond this world's comprehension. Whether it's a situation where we simply cannot see such misery or we choose to turn a blind eye toward it is a matter of interpretation. Either way this is a refreshing change from what usually finds it's way into my "To Review" pile and a release that warrants further listens.

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