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C.O.A.G., which stands for Coalition Of Abnormal Grinders, is a one man band/solo project from We All Die (Laughing)' member Déhà (also of Maladie, Yhdarl and Imber Luminis). In short, since the songs are short and to the point on "Sociopath", this is (early) Napalm Death-inspired grindcore with one odd choice of a cover ("Defeatist" by Hatebreed) tossed in for good measure. All of the album's original fourteen songs are numerical in name ("I", "II", "III", etc.) and short in nature. In fact this whole "full-length" release is over and done with in a little over thirteen minutes making it every bit the definition of "grindcore". Déhà, whose vocals are on the low-end, gritty as hell, end of the spectrum (or rather it comes from chewing on gravel and broken glass before gargling with gasoline!), plays everything here and while the short blasts of grind tend to be nothing more then a blur (which is really how good grindcore should be I'd argue!) it's not hard to pick up on the fact that he handles it all rather effectively! With a full-fledged band in place one would have to imagine that C.O.A.G. would slay everything in it's path on the live stage, but for now this solo studio-album is a good starting point for Déhà.

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