Friday, December 20, 2013

Stiletto Farm-"Bad Reception"/"Strawberry Sundae Red"


"We are the propane kiss, the potent acid spray and we're burning it down, burn it all down. Decimation Baby". Those are the self-penned words of  Stiletto Farm and truer words have seldom been spoken friends. This UK-based 3-piece, having previously made their mark on the Europe's rock scene with their 2012, punk rock and roll/sleazy heavy metal single "Decimation Baby", are said to be "The last wish of a fallen friend...". In this case it's Jason White, the late friend of vocalist/bassist Stel, whose tragic death over a decade ago is still felt by all who knew him. This 2-track release is dedicated to Stel's former band-mate/friend and with the CD's suggestion to "Play Loud" (something you never have to tell me twice!) I sat back and took in what is indeed as fitting a tribute to a departed loved one as they come! Although the current incarnation of Stiletto Farm is relatively new* you would hardly be able to notice given the strength and intensity of this 2-track release. As Stel is up-front let's start with him first and then we'll take a look at the other two pieces of this hard and heavy punk rock(ish) act. Stel's street cred is on full display for all to see and hear on opener "Bad Reception". He comes across as equally qualified in both departments (as both a vocalist and bassist) and with his long time friend/band-mate Davyd (whose guitar playing bridges the same gap between punk and sleazy hard rock that band's like Mötley Crüe and Twisted Sister did back in the early eighties!) standing right by his side Stel gives off a commanding presence. The pair front another "young" band with nowhere to go but up as evident by the shear heart-attack, New York-infused**, rocker "Strawberry Sundae Red"! Together with drummer Newt, whose beats help to keep the pair from going too far off the "Crazy Train", Stel and Davyd take on the challenge of not conforming to life's expectations the only way they know how to. In this case that means keeping it all loud and proud! And on "Bad Reception" they do just that! On "Bad Reception" we find a band of brothers united in their desire to just let go and let it roll! Stiletto Farm, whose bio says that they are all about "Taking the best the past has to offer: Elvis, Twisted Sister, The Damned and everything in between", just do not conform to any set standards in regards to the style of rock music they choose to play. And of course that's a fantastic thing as rock and roll should never be forced to fit into a tiny box. It's supposed to remain dangerous and from the sounds of "Bad Reception" the gentlemen in Stiletto Farm get that! Are they punk rock or are they hard rock? Are they garage rock or are they sleazy heavy metal? Or are they all of the above and then some? I'd argue for the last point there, but whose to say for sure? Everyone will probably pull something different out of these 2-tracks and really that's fine. Actually, that's the way it ought to be when you listen to a band like this that offers up real rock and roll. You can find out more about Stiletto Farm (as well as how you can pick up this 2-track CD for yourselves) right here ladies and gents:

Meanwhile be sure to check out the group's official video for "Bad Reception" at the link below!

* A special thanks goes to Deb over at Knuckle Duster Management for filling in some of the missing pieces in regards to the band's back-story, line-up, etc. 

** Even though we're talking about a band from way across the pond and all (or at least for me folks!) the track "Strawberry Sundae Red" sure sounds as if it was conceived in and then born and raised in New York! It packs the same kind of energy and attitude of bands like Twisted Sister, Anthrax, Kiss and The Rods. It also helps the cause in regards to this group's claim of being "The most pissed off band in the world"!

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