Thursday, December 19, 2013

Stone Cold Kill-Out For Blood


Self-dubbed "Dirty, Rotten, Heavy Metal Sons Of Dogs", the appropriately-named Stone Cold Kill is one band that doesn't need to wear it's influences on it's sleeves. Instead it's encoded in their DNA! For you see the band's front-man, vocalist/bassist Ralph Robinson (who incidentally was only 16 when this 5-track EP was recorded!), is the son of Asomvel' guitarist  Lenny Robinson while both he and guitarist T-Bone are also the nephews of the late (and much more then simply great friends) Jay-Jay Winter! In fact this EP, which is dripping with the blood and sweat of old-school heavy metal, is dedicated to Asomvel's fallen comrade/front-man and the memory of  Jay-Jay Winter is keep alive and well thanks to gut-punching rock and roll cuts like opener "Cheap Faker" and the gripping "Out For Blood"! Even with only these five cuts it's fairly easy to pick up on the talent-level of this young band and it's not that much of a bold prediction to suggest that better things lie ahead for them. The band, which also includes one true maniac on the drum-stool by the name of Kyle "Goose" Corriganhas, simply thrashes it's way through "Out For Blood" and if Asomvel is the band's (rightfully so) main influence then let me tell you what friends, Motörhead is most-assuredly a close second! On numbers like the dirty rock and roller "Cheap Faker" and the album's real, red-hot smoker "Incineration" (which should come with it's own warning label!) these three English "lads" tear the roof off of the house of rock and roll and then proceed to burn the whole mother down! Stone Cold Kill might be a young band in age and regards to their actual time together, but you'd never know it from the way this EP unfolds! Vocalist/bassist Ralph Robinson has the soul of a much older man and his voice adds extra emotional depth to a number like "Nothing to Lose". Meanwhile we find guitarist T-Bone flipping his way through the playbooks of many a great English guitarists (both past and present) which ends up resulting in hints of the N.W.O.B.H.M. scene as much as it does both Asomvel and Motörhead. If there's a downside to be found with "Out For Blood" then it would have to be it's too short for it's own good length! By the time the band really has you worked up and ready to totally unleash on everything and everyone it's all over! This would have been served as a full-length affair, but I do understand all too well how those kinds of things take time and (realistically speaking here) cold hard cash. Hopefully these three can pull off such a feat in 2014 as they have the skills and ultimately the DNA to really shake up the heavy metal scene! I know I'll be keeping an eye out for them and, damn right friends, I'll be crossing these old arthritic fingers of mine that they pull it all off in style! The heart of heavy metal needs some new, young and exciting, fresh blood to keep it pumping for years to come and Stone Cold Kill are just what the doctor (Dr. Rock) ordered!

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