Friday, December 13, 2013

D.D.T.-Let The Screw...Anthology

No Remorse Records

This 2CD anthology from Canada's cult heavy metal act D.D.T. was released over the summer mere days after my 40th birthday.  How it escaped my radar then I'll probably never know, but seeing as the band's original 1984 EP, "Let The Screw...Turn You On!" has been on my wish list for years now I really dropped the ball as far as keeping an ear out for this 2013 compilation. For most people D.D.T. is either an insecticide or a wrestling move (I'm talking about you Jake "The Snake" Roberts!), but for more then a few of heavy metal's faithful (incl. hardcore collectors!) this five-piece band was something else all together. Formed in Magog, Quebec in December of 1979 the band was spearheaded by three brothers in the form of vocalist François "Frank" Tougas, bassist/vocalist Pierre "Pete" Tougas and lead/rhythm guitarist Paul "Moko" Tougas. Early on the band mixed in original compositions with cover versions of songs from Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and even the likes of Eric Clapton and The Police! With over 70 cover songs available for set lists and an ever-expanding and maturing sound that seemed inspired by not only Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, but bands like Mötley Crüe, Ratt and AC/DC this Canadian band seemed poised for success. After two early recordings (1983's "Violence" Demo and 1984's "Scarecrow" Rehearsal Tape) the band recorded the "Let The Screw..." EP in the Spring of 1984. Strictly limited to only 1,000 vinyl copies, it would go on to become a highly sought after collector's item and ended up being bootlegged by Revenge Of True Metal Records (Greece) in 1993. That split CD "Outstanding Metal Gems Vol. 05" not only features D.D.T.'s EP, but Madd Hatter's lone 1984 self-titled album as well as the self-titled 1984 EP from Dark Knight. Thankfully this double disc collection will now give this band there proper due and allow D.D.T. to profit from their own music!  Besides the sleazy take on Judas Priest which is the EP's cool title cut (incidentally the track "Let The Screw..." also appeared on 1985's "Moose Molten Metal Volume 1" compilation which was, at one point, actually available on iTunes!), the band's 1984 EP features the raw (80's Judas Priest meets early Mötley Crüe) "Bitches" as well as the (eighties heavy metal done right) cuts "Metal On Ashes", "Wasted" and "Where Were You?". While the title cut is probably the best of the bunch on the EP (especially as it is one of the better eighties metal songs out there!) the whole 5-track is just great. It  pretty much (spot-on) defines eighties heavy metal and is an absolute killer recording even after  all these years! François "Frank" Tougas has a bit of a Rob Halford vibe going for him while the music, which yes, is prime Judas Priest gone dirty rock and roll worship, is just a stone cold chill! Besides Judas Priest and Iron Maiden (aka: eighties heavy metal in a nutshell!) this was a band that could have been seen as a combination of all things loud and proud from that same time period. Bands like AC/DC, Mötley Crüe, Ratt, Twisted Sister, Dio, Black Sabbath, solo Ozzy Osbourne and even Motörhead all walk in and out of this excellent 1984 EP and this collection would be a worthwhile addition for any heavy metal fan just for those 5 tracks! No Remorse Records though has pulled out all the stops with this anthology though so besides the inclusion of the "Let the Screw..." EP you get various demo recordings and 5 live tracks! The only downside is that the anthology stops at the "Sons Of Freedom" demo from 1989. It would have been cool to have the two other demos (which may or may not technical be D.D.T) included, but it is what it is and this 2CD set is still extremely impressive all around! The anthology comes with a nice booklet featuring extended liner notes with complete recording information provided by D.D.T.'s own Pierre "Pete" Tougas. Besides that there are plenty of photos and even an interesting interview with the band! All of which makes for a fun read while you sit back and enjoy this cult Canadian heavy metal band do there thing! For those who are interested I've provided the actual track listing for this 2CD set after this article and I would definitely encourage fans of real hard rock/heavy metal and eighties metal to check this group out. You can find clips featuring their 1984 EP on YouTube and this CD can usually be found for under $20.00 including shipping!
CD 1 features:
1. Let The Screw...
2. Bitches
3. Metal on Ashes
4. Wasted
5. Where Were You?
6. The Encounter
7. Back in the Street
8. Violence
9. Children of War
10. The Whip
11. Scarecrow
12. Cheap Thrills
13. All the Way
14. Bitches (live)
15. Get Ready (live)
16. I Don't Wanna Be Like You (live)
17. The Number (live)
18. Violence (live)

CD 2 features:
1. In the Name of God
2. The Number
3. Loose Brains
4. Rocks Don't Rust
5. Rumors of War
6. Burning
7. White Lies
8. Fist
9. Rock n Roll Dreams
10. Under the Moonlight
11. Victims
12. Wall Street Rats
13. Against All Odds
14. No Fool
15. Going Down
16. Sons of Freedom
17. River of Love
18. Sleeping with the Dog

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