Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Turbo Lovers-Hopelessly Addicted

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Let me see if I've got this straight. We've got a Youngstown, Ohio band that's named after a Judas Priest track, plays like Danko Jones-lead punk rock and roll version of AC/DC and is signed to a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania record label? Is that what you're telling me? Yes? OK, works for me! With B.J. Lisko on guitar/vocals this Youngstown-based trio is rounded out by bassist Keith Colclough and drummer Christian DeSantis. "Hopelessly Addicted" is the latest release from a band that has been going at it for like 10 years now and has played with the likes of Electric Frankenstein, Whiskey Daredevils, Cadaver Dogs, Foxy Shazam, Kevin DuBrow (which is interesting as Quiet Riot is one of the group's on the band's diverse list of influences!), Boss Mustangs,The Hookers, The Cheats and The Queers! But the highlight for this Ohio rock and roll band would have to be the fact that the group has already made two separate appearances on Classic Rock Magazine compilations with their latest appearance being is the December 2013! Not too shabby right? The band's latest appearance is in a issue that is dedicated to the almighty AC/DC (imagine that kiddos) and finds the band sharing their awesome cut "Typhoon Killer" with the whole world! Talk about representing our scene and all!  That track, along with eight other cool cuts, can be found on the 30 minutes or so long "Hopelessly Addicted"  and is perfectly suited for those of us who just want to keep on rocking and rolling no matter how old or grey we get! Now, Besides AC/DC (who are reference all over this great album!) Turbo lovers have paid tribute to Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction as well as (at least live in one form or another) Huey Lewis! That is weirdly wonderful! But, back to this album or rather more of what makes Turbo Lover so unique. Besides AC/DC, Danko Jones and apparently Quiet Riot (!) the band lists the likes of Supersuckers, Iron Maiden, Blaze Bayley, The Unband, Krokus, Kiss, Wolfsbane, Gaza Strippers, Backyard Babies, Electric Frankenstein, Hanoi Rocks, Zeke, Speedealer, Hookers, Raven, Ratt, Danzig, Butch Walker, Motley Crue, Jackyl, Guns 'N' Roses, Metallica, The Dragons, Gluecifer, New Bomb Turks, Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, Bible of the Devil and White Wizzard as influences. That's more then a mouthful and a hell of a lot to wade through I realize. Check it though as this 9-track ripper is mostly preaching out a rock and roll sermon that (besides AC/DC and Danko Jones) rings the bells of hell for acts like the Dead Boys, Ramones, Green Day and Motörhead. Turbo Lovers' frontman B.J. Lisko is a little punk rock and a whole lot garage rocker and his band-mates Christian DeSantis and Keith Colclough help roll out the welcome mat for those people who are "Looking for nothing but a good time"! And a good time is what you will find of this 9-track release that is way too much fun to keep all to myself. As this is a "local" act for yours truly my next priority will be to see these three rockers live and in person! To that end I'll be looking to like their Facebook page while you all (wow, sounding kinda country there!) can find this one on iTunes and other sites that cater to digital downloads!

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