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Interview with Norwgion band Eron

Norwegian band Eron are a young, up-and-coming, groove-infused (and downright dangerous!) heavy thrash metal act whose latest release, "Never Enough", has been blaring from my stereo since I first caught wind of it! Recently I shoot a few questions towards this bunch and they were kind enough to serve them back to me with a slice of Norwegian potato-topped pizza! Yum! Enjoy everyone! Oh, and you can read all about the band's sweet release right here:

Andy (A)-Before we begin I just want to thank you for putting aside the time to answer a few questions for us here at Heavy Metal Time Machine. Could you give us a rundown on whose who in the band please?

Eron(E)-Hey! Thanks for your time, writing a review of us, and for having us interviewed.
In the band we got four members: Benjamin Danielsen on bass and vocals, Fredrik Westby on drums, and Jan Aure and Edi Hasic on guitars.

A-How did Eron come to be?

E-Eron was originally founded in 2007. During the following 3 years, the sound and the visual of the band evolved to pretty much how we express ourselves today. Since 2010, our lineup has been stable (knock on wood!), and we consider it to be the beginning of the band as we are today. 2010 was a "we're done with fucking around" year. Haha!

A-Is their a story behind your band's name? I do have to say that your name (and I guess album art for matter) is, um, "different" considering the type of music you play!

E-Thanks! We ARE "different". We are Norwegian that don’t play Black Metal or sing about the Fox. J
Unfortunately, there isn't a specific story behind our name. We think it's in some way influenced by an indie horror movie from the 70s. We kept it for a few years, and made a name for ourselves in the underground metal scene in Oslo …and to be honest, we couldn't think of anything better.
The album art, the whole point is that it IS different. The normal metal album arts out there are usually black with skulls and scary motives. Our album art is made to be as a contrast to our music, because you should never judge a book by its cover.

A-Speaking of which, your sound seems to channel the spirit of the eighties. Given your band members ages and all I have to give you props for that. Did you guys grow up surrounding by the sounds of the eighties (either through your parents or older siblings) or was it something you just discovered on your own?
E-The only member of our band that has actually experienced the glorious days of heavy metal is Fredrik, and he couldn't even walk, but he could headbang. 
None of the members comes from a particularly headbanging, heavy metal family, but during our teenage years our taste for music became heavier, and landed eventually on the sweet spot of the eighties. We listen to all types of music, but nothing hits us harder than that era. We love the dirty, honest sound and that the bands all have an unique sound compared to metal today.

A-Who are some of your favorite bands? Eighties or otherwise.

E-This is probably the hardest question for us as we love tons of bands, but we can give you some that has influenced the four of us. First off, we have to mention the Giants from the 80s. You guys know who they are, but there are bands that aren't that obvious compared to our music. They are bands like Gojira, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Rammstein, Tool, System of a Down, Opeth, In Flames, Satyricon, Sepultura, Lamb of God, Trivium, Mastodon and the list goes on and on. We could seriously do this all night, but this gives a little insight of bands we love.

A-Are there any other local bands that you think our readers should check out?

E-According to Edi and Fredrik, Stonegard is the best metal band in at least Norway. Benjamin thinks Bigbang is the best Norwegian rock band, and Jan loves Audrey Horne! There are a lot of good bands of all genres here in Norway, everything from Black Metal to Rock; these are the first that come to mind. Oh! And you should also check out our buddies in VOID! They rock!

A-I'll have to check those bands out then! Now, back to your album and I just have to say that it sounds quite professional and the way in which it was recorded seems to have captured your sound almost perfectly. How was that achieved? Who produced "Never Enough"?

E-"Never Enough" is produced by a guy named Tim Viksand of Sweet Sound Productions ( He understood what we wanted, and was able to give us that. What's funny is that he also is about the same age as us, and also a big 80s metal fan. Fredrik knew him from before, and we were the first metal band he ever worked with, which he thought was pretty cool. He liked our music, and that is of course a good thing! The whole process was quite fun and a great experience! You could easily say we enjoyed working together, and it turned out great.

 A-For our readers who would like to pick up a copy of "Never Enough" where should I direct them?

E- Send an e-mail to eronband(at) We would be happy! Red, white, blue or green? -What's your color?

A-Personally red! What made you decide to release different color covers of "Never Enough"? I really think that is a pretty novel idea all around!

E-We wanted to prove that you don't always need long hair, or have dark album art to be a metal band. Color is something that stands out in the crowd, and gives us some diversity. Maybe it will reach out for someone who likes metal, but not necessarily the way it looks? It was a fun idea as the album art was quite simple. We've got great feedback from everyone regarding the different colors.

A-Well, like I said it's a cool idea! So, what does 2014 hold for Eron?

E-Playing shows is why we love playing in this band, so 2014 will hopefully be a year where we can play lot of them, and hopefully throughout Norway, and not only in Oslo. We want also to try and spread our album out to people who love metal just as much as we do, and to people who haven't quite figured out this wonderful music that unites so many people.  In the end, we want people to get "Never Enough" of us!

A-I'll let you have the last word. Anything you'd like to share with our readers? Have a favorite show you'd like to talk about? Favorite recipe? The mic is all yours so fire away!

E-Besides our music, Jan and Benjamin are electricians, Fredrik is an engineer and carpenter while Edi is studying geology.
...Speaking of food, a favorite recipe is the world's greatest pizza: Skip the meat and tomato sauce, add the traditional Norwegian potato to this Italian dish, and you've got yourself a potato pizza! Put some cheese on top of your pizza crust, and slice potatoes on top. Add some feta cheese, fresh rosemary, olives,  and olive oil and sea salt - it will truly become your favorite too!
Thanks for the interview, hope your readers will check us out!
As our geology-guitarist says: Rock on! 


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