Friday, December 06, 2013

Ram-Page-The Depths Of Rage

Metal Scrap Records

Fancy some death-tinged thrash metal? How about one with vocals (which in this case are provided by Privalov Vlad) that conjurers up images of fist bangin' demons? Sound like a winner in your book? If so then look no further then Ram-Page! This Russian band, whose name (at least for me) makes me reminisce about the good old days when I spent quarter after quarter at the arcade on a game in which you could destroy cities thanks to your mad monster skills, was formed back in 2010 with "The Depths Of Rage", which was just released this past October, serving as their 3rd full-length studio album overall. The band's latest album features 12 brutal tracks with influences mostly falling on all things "older". Picture the likes of Slayer, Hydra Vein, Exodus, Warrant (Germany's of course!), Kreator, Dark Angel, E-X-E, Sepultura, Overkill, Sodom and Death all getting together in one room with nothing being served but great (chilled) vodka. Maybe toss in a little bit of blacked thrash to keep everyone on their toes and that's (more or less) what you're in for when it comes to "The Depths Of Rage". With a current line-up that also features Privalov Sergey (guitar), Dolgov Dmitriy (bass) and Kasatkin Kiril (drums) Ram-Page are a great choice for those that love raw, nasty and sinister death thrash with all of the fixings!

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