Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Shrapnel Storm-We come in peace...


This two track promo comes courtesy of Tampere, Finland-based Shrapnel Storm. Self-dubbed "The Old School Death Metal Bulldozer", the band was formed in 2007 and has several other demo releases to their name such as 2008's "Battlefield", 2009's "Bullet Trails" and 2011's "At Dawn". This latest release, which was recorded at Shrapnel Studios, Nokia, Finland and was mixed by Ville Yrjölä (the band's lead vocalist), is meant to serve as an enticement for potential record labels as the group is oddly enough unsigned. In addition to Ville Yrjölä the band features guitarists Aki Laaksola & Janne Makitalo and the rhythm section of Petri Saarenmaa and Mikko Orava (bass and drums respectively). Both tracks on this promo ("Detracked" and "Deathroller") are good and, seeing as the band's biggest musical influence are nineties, mid-tempo death metal acts, it's hard for me not to find a lot of pleasure and comfort out of "We come in peace...". After all I sent my teenage years/early twenties growing up side-by-side with plenty of cool death metal bands and I  loved the scene we had back then! As a fan of the nineties (especially the early part of the nineties) death metal scene it's obvious to these old ears of mine that the members of Shrapnel Storm are also fans of old-school death metal scene first and foremost and if these two tracks are any indication at all of what awaits listeners (in regards to a planned 2014 full-length album from this Finnish five-piece) then Shrapnel Storm's next move should be a big one! These guys seem as if they are on the right track and I'm wishing them nothing but the best from here on out! Both tracks on "We come in peace..." are due to appear on the group's upcoming album, but in the meantime you can find out more about Shrapnel Storm at the link below.


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