Thursday, December 05, 2013

Wargasm-Satan Stole My Lunch Money (Deluxe Expanded Edition)


Back in 1988 Boston, Massachusetts-based trio Wargasm, which was made up of bassist/vocalist Bob Mayo and (twin?) brothers Barry & Rich Spillberg (drums and guitar respectively), made the scene thanks to one sensational slab of thrash metal goodness. With the 25th anniversary of that album, which for the uniformed amongst you was Wargasm's classic debut album "Why Play Around?", now staring us in the face it would be nice to get a well-deserved deluxe copy of said album on CD right? Well, unfortunately the rights to the said album remain in some sort of limbo so the band did the next best thing and ended up gathering  all of their mid-eighties demos ("Satan Stole My Lunch Money," "Your Dog's Teeth," "Gasm It," and "Spirit In Decay.") for this 11 track (digital-only) release. On "Satan Stole My Lunch Money (Deluxe Expanded Edition)" you're treated to the same kind (wonderful) crushing thrash metal that was on display the group's killer full-length debut "Why Play Around?". As I have "Why Play Around?" on vinyl I can confidently say that if you dug that album as much as I do then you will love this collection! Amazing as it may sound the material on "Satan Stole My Lunch Money (Deluxe Expanded Edition)" still comes across as fresh which is really something when you stop and consider the fact that these 11 tracks were taken directly from original cassette demos which, believe it or not kiddos, were 20-25 years old! Crazy right? And yet all it takes is one listen for yourself and you'll hear what I'm talking about. Even after all this time the 11 tracks here showcase a band that should have been bigger. This is classic (read: TIMELESS!!!!!) thrash metal from a trio of musicians who embraced the music of the time and pulled off no stops in order to give their fans real metal! Even if it's a bummer that "Why Play Around?" will probably never get it's proper treatment (which is really stupid as it would be a GUARANTEED hot seller as a deluxe CD re-release!) this collection is a real treat for fans of this legendary Boston thrash act. This great collection of demos (which sound more like professional studio recordings) is available on iTunes and is obviously a must for Wargasm fans as well as those of you who out there (both young and old) who appreciate the glory of old-school thrash metal!

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