Monday, December 09, 2013

Darkmoon Warrior-Nuke 'Em All

W.T.C. Productions

Released this past November, "Nuke 'Em All" is the latest release from Germany's Darkmoon Warrior. Formed in 1996 the band is fronted by vocalist/bassist A.Krieg (Anti, Enternity, ex-Hellfucked) and has a back catalog that features countless demos, a split, one EP and a 2009 full-length album called "Crown of Snakes". Filthy, vile and blasphemous this is crusty black metal that is foaming at the mouth and sounds as if it has been vomited up by the dark one himself! With charming song titles like "Fuck Off", "Black Tongues And Rusty Nails", "Satanification" and "Storm Of Feces" (which is one storm I would really hate to be left out in without an umbrella!) you should have a pretty good idea of what you're in for before you even hit play! Still, this kind of raw and underground metal does have it's appeal as Darkmoon Warrior relies of thick and meaty thrash lines almost as much as they do on crust-covered, pissed on by punks who has been drinking cheaper then shit booze, black 'n' roll riffs. That's when this 3-piece band is at their very best. At their worst though it just dissolves into a big heap of filthy noise. But, either way it kind of works so how can you complain?  The only way this album could have been any cooler is if it had been titled "Nuke 'Em All, Let Satan Sort 'Em Out"!

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