Thursday, December 12, 2013

Legion of the Damned-Ravenous Plague

Napalm Records

Legend of the Damned (LOTD for short), who hail from the Netherlands, was formed back in 2004 out of the remains of blacked thrash act Occult. The group's first release, 2006's "Malevolent Rapture", was produced by Andy Classen and featured the line-up of  vocalist Maurice Swinkels, guitarist Richard Ebisch, bassist Twan Fleuren (R.I.P. 2011) and drummer Erik Fleuren. Now, after eight long years together (and five previously released full-length albums), the band has enlisted producer Andy Classen once more for the upcoming 2014 release, "Ravenous Plague". These days the band features founding members Maurice Swinkels and Erik Fleuren as well as bassist Harold Gielen (2007 to present day) and guitarist Twan van Geel (2011 to present day). As the group's last full-length release "Descent Into Chaos" (which featured Richard Ebisch on guitar) came out in early 2011 this is the first full-length recording to feature Twan van Geel in all of his glory and his skills never come into question on LOTD's album number six! Due for release in early January of 2014, with a limited edition bonus disc reportedly available as well (in what format I am not quite sure as I only received a digital link for the original 11-track release), the game-plan on "Ravenous Plague" is rather straight-forward (even if the actual execution of said game-plan is more complex). Without name-dropping any other bands as that would be kind of useless (as well as a disservice to the four gentlemen that make up LOTD) let's just say that this is heavy thrash/death metal with a bit of a German vibe surrounding the whole affair (which is interesting seeing as the band did a split with Germany's Kreator back in late June of this year!). Musically this is metal with plenty of muscle as well as one of those releases where everything is gloriously raw and ugly! Words like brutal, gritty and pulverizing all come to mind when you listen to an album like this and even if I haven't heard all of their other albums it's seems fairly obvious that fans of LOTD should appreciate the unrelenting nature of  this upcoming release!

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