Friday, December 13, 2013

French Metal Friday: The Zombie Dandies

Normandy, France is home base for the two-piece glam punk due known as The Zombie Dandies. Formed in 2011 by guitarist/vocalist K1000 Zombie and drummer/bassist/vocalist Marty Dandy (two old friends/high-school classmates who came up with the idea of "creating a glam punk duo mixing heavy metal with the energy of punk and garage rock") and sporting a DIY outlook on life (which often times makes for the best music if you ask me) the group has one four-track release to their name so far. The band's self-titled EP, which was released in 2012 and opens with the fun "Girls & Whiskey" (two essentials in life right?), is equal parts early Mötley Crüe and the Ramones. Well, that's if the Ramones (no doubt still high from sniffing all that glue!) got all dolled up for Halloween and went out trick or treating for cheap booze and cheaper women all while wearing leftover make-up from a dirty and raw garage rock-inclined Kiss tribute band!


As this is a D.I.Y. project the recording process for the band's first EP was obviously done on the cheap. Of course that just adds to the overall charm of "Zombie Dandies" which can be downloaded for free at the link below!  Whether the band will be able to break past their local scene is a question better suited for another time and place. All that matters in the here and now is how fun this EP is and how bands like The Zombie Dandies are keeping the true spirit of garage rock/punk rock alive! If glam punk and/or dirty garage rock is the butter to your toast then march yourself over to this French duo's site and snag a copy of their 4-track EP for your personal collection.

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