Monday, December 16, 2013


F.D.A. Rekotz

This short-length EP, which runs 9 minutes and 45 seconds and features the tracks "Forsaken and Forgotten", "Sacrifice" and "Cemetery of Lies", is Incarceration's first stab at a "lengthier" release. Prior to "Sacrifice" (whose title track is arguably the strongest cut of the three) the band, which was first put together in 2010 as a one man project from current Mortificy/former Dorthornion member Daniel Silva (aka: Daniel Duracell), was part of a 2012 split with Escarnium. Now, in addition to Daniel Silva on guitar and vocals, this German (by way of Brazil) brutal death metal band also features bassist Björn Freese (also formerly of  Dorthornion) and drummer Michael Koch. Other then the track "Sacrifice", which was on the 2012 split with Escarnium (incidentally titled "Decrepit Aberration"), this is new material which (presumably and hopefully) points towards a very promising (potential) future full-length release for the three gentlemen in Incarceration! Personally I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that to happen in the early part of 2014, but since I have no clue as to what these three are up to right now (Touring? In the studio? On a break?) let's instead turn ourselves around and drop a few names so you (the reader and potential future Incarceration fan) have a better idea as to what's in store with "Sacrifice". When talking about Incarceration it's best to first start off by saying that this is one band that has manged to crisscross the globe in pursuit of their own sound. Certainly there's still some Brazilian death metal flowing about in Daniel's veins by way of Sarcofago, Torture Squad and early Sepultura influences. None of which is a bad thing I can guarantee you that! But then again we are also talking about a band that (mostly) makes stops in the U.S. for their sound (early Slayer, Hellwitch, At War, Dark Angel and the one and only Death!) before heading over to Sweden to partake in everything that such a wonderful country like that has to offer like Grave, Entombed, Dismember, Afflicted, Nihilist, Unleashed and Hypocrisy! By looking at those names you might have noticed some thrash roots potentially showing up "Sacrifice" and you'd be right! Thrash metal does seem to have a way of showing up in death metal and there's no real sense of difference here. The only point of clarification would have to be that when applied to brutal death like this then it's mostly in the lead solos and it's always kept on the raw and unfiltered side of things! Naturally that just makes a release like this sound all the more punishing and to that end the band keeps the production on the low end which works wonders! Not that these three tracks here are demo quality or anything. Far from at! Everything is right where it ought to be sound-wise it's merely a case where less is more. The production is (thankfully) more restrained here and it works with the understanding that damaging death metal like this should never (as in NEVER EVER folks!) be given a shiny gloss! In fact this kind of nasty death metal should be kept untamed and unchained, free to devour whatever dares cross it's path! Thankfully that path and my path converged and now I can point all of you in the direction of this promising three-piece band! You can find out more about this German band and how to grab this three-track release for yourself at the group's Facebook page below!  

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