Saturday, December 14, 2013

Possession-His Best Deceit

Iron Bonehead Productions (Tape)
Invictus Productions (CD)

Simultaneously released on both CD and tape (with their being only 666 tapes naturally), "His Best Deceit" is the first studio recording from Belgian's Possession. The band features a couple of former members of blackened thrash outfit Dawn of Crucifixion in guitarist I. Dveikus and bassist/vocalist V. Viriakh (also has his own self-named project) with vocalist Mestema and drummer Pz.Kpfw (Must be his Christian name?) rounding this four-piece out. One look at the artwork above should give you an idea of what you're in for, but if you need a hint as to the band's two genre description then I'll toss one out. What's the "color" that really represents the utter lack of color and what's the opposite of life? Of course the answer is (firstly) black and then (secondly) death so we get black death! Coolness right? Right? Well, I guess that depends upon how cool (or not) you find raw and crusty blackened death metal. Granted, the band does pull off a Sepultura cover in the form of "Necromancer" (which was on the group's 1985 split with Overdose) so there is some "thrash" on display inside this this 4-track demo. But for the most part it's demoniacally-inclined, old-school evil taking the shape and form of a four piece black death band. It's also dramatically dire stuff which makes sense when you learn that the members of Possession tapped Phorgath of Enthroned to help them record this 4-track demo! That's a match made in hell right there! With his (Phorgath) capable hands twisting and tweaking the knobs (so to speak) Possession managed to record a promising demo that A) Gives off a cool underground vibe and B) Sounds like utter evil trapped in a Molotov cocktail and ready to blow! This is a good start for a band with some serious potential!

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