Monday, October 13, 2014

Palace-The 7th Steel

Massacre Records

"The 7th Steel" is the latest release from Germany's Palace. Active since 1990, with 1996's "Toy of Rage" serving as the band's first full-length outing, Palace features a couple of musicians with ties to the cult eighties heavy metal band Saints Anger* (vocalist/guitarist Harald "HP" Piller and drummer Harald Reiter). On their seventh full-length album "The 7th Steel" this four piece** plays it close to the chest with a sound that could best be described as (rough and raw) traditional heavy metal. And with some 20 plus years under their belt now Palace knows how to make true heavy metal stand out and shine. There's nothing remotely fancy about their style and yet Palace knows how to keep things fresh and interesting with the riff-heavy "The 7th Steel"  
working quite well whether you are a long-time fan or new to this German metal band. As straight-ahead, no BS heavy metal this one pleases the eardrums and should make many a headbanger smile with appreciation. 

*Saints Anger's 1985 album,"Danger Metal", is a fun slab of German heavy metal and worth tracking down.

**Bass player Tom Mayer (Awry Axle) and guitarist/vocalist Jason Mathias round things out nicely.

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