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Hard and Heavy Records

Active since 2008 and made up of musicians with ties to such bands as Fornication, Barbatos, Hrom and Reborn Pariah, Gatekrashör is a (raw) speed metal act from Killgary, Alberta. Managed by Lucifer himself  and influenced by Beer, Sluts, USPM Legends and all the bands who worship the true metal gods! (or mostly just beer!!) this fearsome, four-headed beast unmasked itself and made the scene with a demo in 2010 before terrorizing the public even more by rolling out a pair of splits in "Graveyard Assault" and "Speed Metal Kills" (2010 and 2011 respectively). In 2012 the members of Gatekrashör cranked things up a "notch or two" ( and in the process ended up further exposing the unpredictable nature of their Exciter/Judas priest-infused speed metal anarchy!) when they kicked down the door with "Fear Of Attack". While that five-track EP showed the band's potential to raise holy (heavy metal) hell when the time calls for it the full-length "Gatekrashör" is another story all together! And that is where we (as jovial madmen, fellow drunks, lovers of all things hard & heavy (music-wise you filthy-minded scumbags!!!!) and all around supporters of indie/underground metal) join Gatekrashör. Available on cassette as well as digital download, "Gatekrashör" does it just right in my book thanks to the "all guns blazing" approach of opener/instrumental "Banzai". Reminiscent of not only Canadian greats like Exciter, Razor and Anvil, but the time-honored and well-loved "Venom/Motörhead sound", "Banzai" merges perfectly into "Force Of The Blade" and by that point I was hooked! For this Canadian act excellence starts up front and that is thanks to the (unholy) shrill voice of  metallic screamer/demonic dreamer Speed Metal Enforcer (aka Dan Neild). If his voice (which equally brings to mind Dan Beehler and Cronos!) doesn't motivate you to mayhem then most certainly the backing band of Gatekrashör should! In no way whatsoever should this album be looked at as a cut and paste response to Gatekrashör's choice list of potential musical influences* (Razor, Exciter, Destruction, (early) Sodom, At War, Venom, Judas Priest, Anvil, Motörhead, Raven, Tank, Discharge, Carnivore, Chainsaw (Is the Law), Chainsaw (Hell's Burnin' Up),  Robespierre, Baphomet's Blood, etc.), but that particular list very well could (and maybe even should) be seen as a cheat sheet as far as why I would enthusiastically recommend this band to my fellow (beer drinking and leather jacket sporting!) speed metal junkies! Gatekrashör's self-titled album is a loud and mean, fast and raw, rock metal kick in the nuts. In other words I love this banger of a full-length and I suspect i won't be alone in that assessment for too much longer...
* I say potential as half are admitted influences while the other are band's I picked up on. And meanwhile all of these bands are groups that I totally dig anyway so yes, this album slays!



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