Thursday, October 02, 2014

Mia Doi Todd-Floresta

City Zen Records

Just released a few weeks back, "Floresta" is a choice collection of Brazilian covers from inspiration singer-songwriter Mia Doi Todd. Featuring this (indie folk/word music) artists' favorite moments, it is also the latest in a long line of highly-respected/well-loved albums from the always evolving Mia Doi Todd. Inspired by a 2009 tour to Brazil (as well as a life-long love of Brazil, it's culture and of course it's music!), "Floresta" finds this L.A.-native strolling about at a leisurely pace where ideals such as comfort and hospitality are but a given! This collection also goes a long ways toward further cementing this graceful singer's status as a creative (read: endless creativity from this beautiful soul!) and wonderfully imaginable artist. As bold and colorful as the country that inspired it, "Floresta" is simultaneously invigorating and relaxing and thanks to a "cast of all-native players" it ends up feeling as authentic as the woman who helped mold and shape this charming collection! For a true artist who has conquered every musical challenge that appeared before her with pride and heartfelt determination, Mia Doi Todd's latest work should stand the test of time and end up being a release that many people will no doubt turn to in times of joy and distress. "Floresta" is long-over and well-deserved vacation where the listener is able to travel far away from the ordinary and mundane in order to land in world where peace, love and understanding not only exist, but ultimately reign supreme and unchallenged. Thank you Mia Doi Todd for allowing us to pick up our bags and our burdens and journey there with you so that we too can freely share in all the peace and love that our hearts have been longing for!

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