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Brazilian thrash metal? Now where have I heard that phrase before? Wasn't there that one band that used to feature the brothers Max and Igor Cavalera? Whatever became of that? All kidding aside, Slasher (who hail from Itapira, Sao Paulo and shouldn't be confused with several other metal acts that hold the same moniker) prove that there is so much more to Brazil's scene then just Sepultura. Of course most of us in the metal community already knew that, but should further proof ever be needed to persuade the naysayers just point in the general direction of this aggressive band and let the metal doing the talking for you! Active since 2008 (with "Katharsis" here serving as the second full-length studio album from this fast, frenzied and fantastically fucking furious five-piece!) Slasher (who actually bring to mind bands like Testament, Slayer and Annihilator more than Sepultura!) first made it's mark with the EP "Broken Faith". That was back in the beginning of 2009 and since then the band (with a pair of singles sandwiching the 2011 debut-album, "Pray For The Dead") has shuffled the deck some line-up wise and (going by the hellfire sounds of this Tue Madse-produced album!) emerged all the stronger! With a terrifically terrifying new lead-singer added to the line-up (Paulo Skeeter) and a pair of top-tier guitarists (Lúcio Nunes and Lucas Aldigheri) that know the ends and outs of all things awesome (technical thrash, eighties thrash, modern metal and even death thrash make up the body of work known as "Katharsis") this band could and should go far! Both albums ("Pray For The Dead" and "Katharsis") can be downloaded for free at the link below, but for a band this good you really should toss a few bucks into the coffer (if for no other reason then just so that Slasher can continue on in it's attempt to rage and pummel it's way to the top of the pile!). And really, if Slasher can keep pumping out first bangin' metal like this there's no reason to think that they will remain unsigned for that much longer!

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