Thursday, January 08, 2015

Bloody Cross-Attack of the Evil Wizard

Diamond Shed Records

The self-proclaimed inventors of Shed Metal*, Bloody Cross are a brand-spanking new act from Dingwall. Not too be confused with the Chilean black metal band of the same name (or for that matter the long-defunct German Christian thrash metal outfit act whose one and done album, "Coming Again", has a unintentionally funny title going on!) this recently-resurrected group was formed from the remains of the zombie/punk outfit The Terrible Bastards. Based in the Highlands, which (according to band member Ryan Sealey who was kind enough to zip this EP our way for review) is a place where there is "not much of a metal fact not much of anything", this particular Bloody Cross plays a lo-fi  version of heavy metal that retains the band's punk rock roots while distinctly leaning on the hallmarks of many a great, sloppy garage metal band of yesteryear. Not for the faint of heart or even your everyday stuck-up metal purist, "Attack of the Evil Wizard" is indeed ugly, but in a lovable kind of way! Whether you choose to call it punk metal or trash metal it's all Shed Metal to these ears and in this day and age where everything is so over the top this band's mentality that "less is more" is somewhat refreshing even if it surely won't be of every one's tastes. You can listen to and download this one for free at the link below and for more information on Bloody Cross be sure to head right here:

*Shed Metal is a "controversial cross between traditional heavy metal and low musical proficiency.".

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