Monday, November 21, 2016

Free Metal Monday: The Lizzies-Play to get laid

See note below...

She Does Records

The Lizzies (who should not be confused with the four-piece band from Madrid that gave us the killer "Good Luck"!) are a raw as f**k punk rock/riot grrrl band from New York. While not heavy metal per say, this 17-track album (which was released way back on June 1st of 1999!) is flat-out LOUD and ANGRY and it puts a lot of hard & heavy acts to shame! Available as a name-your-price download by clicking here, "Play to get laid" pretty much sums up the frustration and bitterness that many of us have had with the U.S. over the past twenty plus years. With songs like "All The Scum", "Pay to get laid". "Die Motherf**ker", "Love and Anarchy", and "Police State"(!) this great collection of old school punk is not for the faint of heart or those who are easily offended. In other words, "Play to get laid" is a hell of a good time and most-definitely recommended!

*Just like the band and it's actual songs, "Pay to get laid" features artwork that might not be suited for all of our readers. Parental guidance is suggested...

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